Risk Management

Continuous monitoring and assessment of the investment and management risks.

Good performance in a highly regulated environment requires continuous monitoring of the investment and valuation processes and an assessment of the investment and management risks. 

Tasks within our AIFM risk management division include:

  • Analysis and definition of the risk profile of your AIF
  • Review and implementation of appropriate risk management policies
  • Continuous look-through risk monitoring on an individual asset and a portfolio level
  • Monitoring of the investment process and alignment with the AIFMD
  • Review of the valuation process and valuation policy

Further services may include systematic stress tests of the AIF’s liquidity risk and preparation of a comprehensive summary risk report. With our financial asset accounting specialists, KENDRIS Capital can also ensure the proper independent valuation of your AIF and its underlying assets:

  • We establish the valuation policy and review the valuation process
  • We ensure that valuation of the AIF’s assets is in line with generally accepted market practice and specialist appraiser recommendations
  • We supervise the NAV calculation and process

More AIFM Services

Portfolio Management

Setting up the alternative investment fund with regulated portfolio management

Marketing and Distribution

Assessing the right marketing strategy for alternative investment funds.


Continuous tracking of the portfolio, tailored investment reporting, and further risk reporting solutions.

Fund Set-up and Launch Support

End-to-End management of the fund set-up process, regulatory compliant.

Key contact

Nikolas Charalambous
Nikolas Charalambous
Managing Director
MBA, BSc. Accounting
T +357 24 205300
Sara Gunnervik
Sara Gunnervik
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