Continuous tracking of the portfolio, tailored investment reporting, and further risk reporting solutions.

Portfolio and risk management reporting is of the utmost importance in the running of a successful alternative investment fund, in order to keep continuous track of the portfolio assets and to assess the KPIs and KRIs. Our comprehensive investment reporting can be tailored to your needs, from a simple and holistic approach to a more advanced granular and sophisticated approach.

Options within our AIFM reporting division include:

  • Investment reporting / portfolio reporting
  • KPIs and KRIs
  • Shareholder activity-specific reporting
  • Investment restrictions
  • Counterparty risk reporting
  • Market risk reporting
  • Liquidity risk reporting
  • Operational risk reporting
  • Credit risk reporting
  • CRM reporting

More AIFM Services

Portfolio Management

Setting up the alternative investment fund with regulated portfolio management

Risk Management

Continuous monitoring and assessment of the investment and management risks.

Marketing and Distribution

Assessing the right marketing strategy for alternative investment funds.

Fund Set-up and Launch Support

End-to-End management of the fund set-up process, regulatory compliant.

Key contact

Nikolas Charalambous
Nikolas Charalambous
Managing Director
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Sara Gunnervik
Sara Gunnervik
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